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A Friend of a Friend

Kim told me that some friends of hers sent their dog to my work place to be neutered yesterday. I wasn’t there in the morning to see him get dropped off. Instead, I was there after his surgery. I found him in the recovery area. He had fully awoken, but was still a little groggy. He was so sweet, I just had to pet him for a while.

I took a picture so I could send it to Kim. It turned out blurry, but you still can see how big his head was. Hehe… But his face and chin were so soft. I’m sure he’s a great snuggler.

He was so friendly!

He was so friendly!


  1. Carol

    [Wow- if he was friendly after this sort of surgery, imagine how personable he might have been earlier than that?]

    I dunno, Mr. Royuk….I think there is a growing appreciator of all things K-9 in there (Doctor Who reference intended). You never know….some day….and we have just the starter size for you: 5 lb Maltese/Pomeranian mix. Great if you don’t mind the yapping. Yaps at the cats. Yaps when someone gets home (after being gone for more than five minutes). Yaps when he’s happy about just about anything. Just what I always wanted: the nevershuttingup breed. Sigh.

  2. Lauren

    Awwww…. a groggy after-surgery puppy? How adorable! That has to be a massive perk of your job. 🙂

  3. Kim

    He is a good puppy. Thanks for giving him extra TLC.

  4. Peggy

    What a handsome fella!! I think his sad little face is saying “Do you know what they just did to me? Run while you still can.”

    And I agree with Lauren…..I would love to pet & comfort the dogs after surgery.

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