Extra Soft

I use a super-soft bristle toothbrush. I’ve read too much about rubbing off your enamel to use a regular toothbrush. There are lots of toothbrushes that say “soft”, but I disagree with that appellation most times. I think most toothbrushes feel like wire.

The softest brush I’ve found is from the Korean grocery store that’s near my school. I’ve even posted about it.

I keep forgetting to stop by H-Mart to get a new brush, but I was at a different grocery store the other day and decided to take a look at their toothbrush offerings. I saw something interesting: a Sensodyne ‘Extra Soft’ toothbrush. I decided to get it.

It is wonderful! It really is extra soft – just what I want!

It's a keeper

It’s a keeper

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4 Responses to Extra Soft

  1. Lauren says:

    Is it like brushing your teeth with a cloud? I’m pretty sure I’ve scrubbed off some enamel on my teeth.

    Also, thank you for stretching my vocabulary with the big words. Off to look up ‘appellation’…..

    • Brad says:

      It reminds me of a baby hairbrush. The bristles are so, so soft. It may be disturbing for some people to not get much scrubbing action, but I’ve gotten used to it. It’s more about spreading the fluoride around in my mouth. Theoretically, floss would be how to best clean my teeth, but honestly, I don’t do it very often 🙁

  2. Peggy says:

    Have you ever tried a toothbrush with silicone bristles? I have, and it’s weird for me….but I think you would like it.

    • Brad says:

      I haven’t. And now I’m very curious. I didn’t know these existed. Now I’ll have to be looking for them when I’m in the toiletries aisle.

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