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Rain and Tentacles

Yesterday was the Hamilton street fair. It’s usually really bakingly hot for the street fair, but this year, it rained. The wetness was inconvenient, but the cooler temperatures were nice.

The intersection of Hamilton and Harford has sunflowers painted on it!

The intersection of Hamilton and Harford has sunflowers painted on it!

About ten days ago, one of my neighborhood neighbors stopped by to chat. His name is Bob. He happened to mention that his son was an artist and would be offering screen-printed apparel at the street fair. I remembered some screen printing from previous years. It had robots and tentacles. I really liked it, but didn’t end up getting anything. This year, I decided I would.

Nemo Tie

Nemo Tie

My favorite offering was a tie with a Cthulhu design, but I didn’t think I should probably wear that to school. Instead, I got a tie with tentacles attacking a submarine. Perfect! That’s a literary reference. Just the thing for a Literature teacher.


  1. Lauren

    That is a perfect tie! I’m not sure of the literary reference – is it 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?”

    I like how much calmer Hamilton seems than Seward. I bet no one was jostled.

  2. Bev Greunke

    Neat Tie!!! What Is The Current Count Of Your Tie Wardrobe?!?!?!?! Love, Aunt Bev 🙂

    • Brad

      I’m guessing that I’m around 140. I counted them before the fire and subsequent dry cleaning and discarding of wrinkled ties. The count before that was 144.

  3. Debbie Fettig

    I’m going to paint our driveway like your intersection!!!!!!!!! Why not!

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