Fellowship Meal

We’re doing fellowship meal dinners at my church. That is, people are in groups and are taking turns hosting for dinner. My first meeting with my new group was last night. Unfortunately not everyone could come. Fortunately, the food was delicious!

The host family lived in a part of town near school that I haven’t spent much time in. It was really fun to be there.

After dinner we went out to the back yard, and they lit a fire. Woo hoo! I was the dessert bringer, and the host had mentioned the possibility of fire, so I brought s’mores ingredients. Yum!

I got to sit right next to it.

I got to sit right next to it.

I’m the host for October if we can figure out a date that works for everyone. Yay! It will be a motivation for a thorough first floor cleaning!

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2 Responses to Fellowship Meal

  1. Lauren says:

    That is such a nice thing you guys do, and as an introvert, it seems so brave. Eating with acquaintances? What?

    The fire looks perfect, too. Ahhhhhh…..

  2. Debbie Fettig says:

    Making plans for company definitely gets a person motivated!! Good stuff, maybe you can eat on the porch!

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