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So… Loud…

So I guess the newest thing at gas stations is gas pumps that have screens on them that yell at you while you pump gas. They’re so loud! I’m almost always listening to my local news station through my phone, so the loud gas pump is very intrusive.

Yesterday, I needed to fill my tank, and happened to stop at a place with tv gas pumps. Two days ago, I just so happened to read about the “secret” mute button on these pumps:

The second button down on the right.

The second button down on the right.

It worked! The sound went completely off. Awesome! And my listening to the traffic report was not interrupted.


  1. Deborah

    Good to know! I think those things are annoying, too. Thanks!

  2. Lloyd

    This is actually Lauren, because my computer is busted. I just read about that mute button, too! I haven’t used a gas pump in quite a while, but I want to try this!

    That lady looks like a young Whoopi Goldberg.

  3. Kristi

    I live out in the sticks and have not seen such a thing. What could these people possibly be talking to you about while you’re pumping gas?

    • Brad

      It’s “news”, but not really. Just people talking really loudly about stuff, interrupted by really loud ads.

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