Pop Goes the Weevil

I’ve been seeing a lot of weird looking beetles in my house lately. They’re tiny and black and have kind of a horn coming out of their head. Mostly I’ve been seeing them after they have drowned in Gus’ water dish or gotten stuck in the sink.

On further investigation, I saw that there seemed to be a lot of them in the bag of birdseed I keep in the kitchen. Upon more further investigation, I saw that there were so many beetles in the birdseed that it was like a horror movie, and I took the whole bag outside.



The internet said these were Wheat Weevils. They are of no danger to anything in my house except my birdseed, but yuck – there were so many of them. I’m glad they’re outside now. Hopefully the birds will just eat them or they’ll die or whatever. They’re gross.

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3 Responses to Pop Goes the Weevil

  1. Deborah says:

    I agree. Gross.

  2. Lauren says:

    Ha! I laughed out loud! What a great premise for a horror movie! “In a world, full of birdseed…..”

    Remind me to tell you about dog vomit fungus sometime…..

    • Carol says:

      Ooooo – tell us now, Lauren! Tell us now!! (Is it anything like dog feces mold that forms over the undisturbed #2 in your yard if you can’t pick it up before the high humidity does its worst?) Inquiring minds and all that…

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