The Power of Positive Procrastination

Happy Birthday to Denis! It’s a big one this year! Woo hoo!

I said I was going to use this time off to repair the steps on my porch. Yesterday it rained. I wasn’t too disappointed. I’m kind of not feeling like doing my steps. But maybe I can use the Power of Positive Procrastination. Maybe the guilt of not doing my steps will motivate me to do other things.

Yesterday afternoon after it stopped raining, I weeded the area by my pond.



The pond needs some cleaning too. In the “Before” picture, there is a pile of trash that a little elf named Karl pulled out of the pond a couple of weeks ago. In the “After” picture, there are some leaves and trash that Denis pulled out while I was weeding. How nice to have such wonderful help. Thanks, guys.

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3 Responses to The Power of Positive Procrastination

  1. Lauren says:

    You and your elves make a good team. That looks gorgeous! I like how the sun came out so dramatically for that second shot.

    Happy Birthday, Denis! 🙂

  2. Nancy (Lauren's mom) says:

    I think you need a chair out there somewhere.

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