Walking and Weeding

Well, I didn’t work on my porch steps yesterday.

In the morning, I finished my taxes. I also did several other personal paperwork items. I felt very responsible.

I wanted to go out somewhere, so I headed for the mall.

I got a good parking space.

I got a good parking space.

I did a lap and looked at some things, but I didn’t get anything. It was nice to walk though. I love walking.

Back at home, I sat on the couch a little, but then got stir crazy and went out to the garden to pull some weeds. Sorry for the repeat of yesterday’s post, but here is the before and after of my weeding:



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2 Responses to Walking and Weeding

  1. Lauren says:

    Wow! You could have just said, “I built a path” – it’s that dramatic. 😉

    I think your day was plenty productive. Enjoy today!

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