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While cleaning out my teacher desk, I found some old photographs. My move to Maui has caused me to be pretty brutal when it comes to keeping things or throwing them away, so the photos went in the trash. It seemed like I should archive them or something, but what do you do with digital copies of old photos?

Fortunately, I have an online memory bank. So, for the sake of putting these into my memory storage, here are some old pictures of me and some co-workers.

I'm not in the picture.  I think I'm taking the picture.

I’m not in the picture. I think I’m taking the picture.

This picture is OLD.  Maybe from 1997?

This picture is OLD. Maybe from 1997?

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4 Responses to Photo Archive

  1. Lauren says:

    1907?? That’s 20 years ago! This is a great idea – I love looking at these, even if I don’t know all the faces. They look like a good, dedicated bunch. (And the 1997 clothes are fantastic. 😀 )

  2. Carol says:

    Wow. That is all. Just wow. Oh, and maybe “thank you”. Yea, that, too.

  3. Michele Steppe says:


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