Moving In

Yesterday morning started with a Work Day at school. I’m not ready to set up my classroom yet, so I looked at the list of tasks and helped with a few of them… desk sorting, doorstop fixing, shelf carrying… it was little stuff, but it adds up. There were a few parents and church members there too, so it was nice to be there.

Afterward, I had a delicious lunch with David and Barb, then headed to my apartment for some unpacking. I started in the kitchen, because that seemed to be the easiest. There are already cabinets and drawers in the kitchen – all I needed to do was decide what stuff went where.

The rest of the rooms will be a little harder. They will require creative arrangement of storage boxes, or perhaps some new or used furniture. I don’t have a dresser. I don’t have a bed frame. I don’t have anything for the tv to sit on. I think I want to take my time with these items so my apartment looks like a home and not a dorm room.

So for a few days, I think my apartment will be a little messy-looking. And for now, I’m sleeping on the floor of the living room. It’s cooler there because that’s where the air conditioner is. Also, my bed isn’t set up yet.

I woke up yesterday in this bed:

I woke up today in this bed:

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2 Responses to Moving In

  1. Lauren says:

    That guest room is simply gorgeous! You could just have a set-up like that in your living room and have it be like a hotel suite, then rent out those back rooms as office space. 😉

    Dang it, Brad, I’m too busy to daydream about how to make furniture for your apartment out of driftwood and old ship boards. Off to Craigslist…..

  2. Debbie says:

    Good thought on no dorm room! Yes, have fun designing your new digs. What a bed comparison! Lol hey the floor can be pretty cozy if that’s all you have.

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