First Day

It’s my Half Birthday today! Woo hoo!

The first day of school went swimmingly. It was a half day, and there was all the first day of school stuff to do, so it went fast. I had time with seventh and eighth. The kids were super-quiet, which always happens at the beginning of the year. I think they’re going to be a great bunch.

I had trouble getting to sleep on Sunday, then got up super-early yesterday, so I was really tired after school. I got a lot done before leaving, but once I got home, I was on my “floor couch” all evening. It felt good to recharge a little. Today is the first full day, and the day we’ll launch into class materials. It should be fun! Woo hoo!

I’m posting another picture of my living room. It was either that, or the KFC tenders meal I had for dinner. I did stop at a furniture store on my way home to look for a TV console or a couch. I didn’t find anything I really liked.

The floor is ok, but a couch would be better.

The floor is ok, but a couch would be better.

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2 Responses to First Day

  1. Kristi says:

    You’re a good Hawaiian. Shoes come off at the door.

  2. Lauren says:

    Happy Half-Birthday!! I woke up too early to comment, sorry.

    I think your floor looks plenty inviting. Very Roman.

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