A Find

I’m on Craigslist every day looking for various furniture pieces. I need a couch. I really need a couch. I’m being very picky though, so I haven’t found anything suitable. I also need bedside tables, a dresser, and some furniture for my lanai. It’s fun to have something to actually look for. In Baltimore, I already had everything I needed, so I was sort of aimless in my Craigslist browsing.

On Sunday, I had a find: someone was selling metal chairs that could be used on the lanai. Most times, outdoor furniture on Craigslist here in Maui is $450 for a table and four chairs. Little bistro sets are $175. It’s crazy. But the listing on Sunday was six chairs for $60. So cheap! I contacted the seller and arranged to meet yesterday after four.

I texted her at three, and she said she’d be home after seven. Ugh. So late! I decided just to go for it. I’m glad I did. They’re nice chairs. I’ll put two on the lanai for now, and four in storage in the back room.

I couldn't leave them in the living room.  They would be right in front of the 'couch'.

I couldn’t leave them in the living room. They would be right in front of the ‘couch’.

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2 Responses to A Find

  1. Lauren says:

    Score! Let’s hear it for a quest!

    One of those by your bedside would make a fine table. Alternately, you could sell the remaining four for $15 each and recoup your money. 😀

  2. Michele Steppe says:

    Have you tried Facebook marketplace? It’s a new option on the bottom of your Facebook screen. You can select a certain mile radius from your location.

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