I was excited to find a plant mail order place that sent to Hawaii. I was especially excited because I could get rex begonias. They’re my current favorite kind of houseplant. But I had to wait for a paycheck before I had spare money to order plants with.

But I got a paycheck! Woo hoo! And I ordered begonias! Woo hoo! And they came in the mail! Woo hoo!

They look a little rough right now, but they'll be full and lush in no time.

They look a little rough right now, but they’ll be full and lush in no time.

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5 Responses to Begonias

  1. Lauren says:

    How lucky for those plants that they get to retire in Hawaii! How do those arrive? Do they mail them in a box?

    • Brad says:

      They point all the leaves up, then wrap the plants in paper. Then they put them in a long, skinny box. These plants were only in the mail a couple of days, so they did quite well.

  2. Kristi says:

    Oh, begonias are beautiful plants. I bet they will thrive on your lanai.

  3. Debbie Foelber says:

    The begonias that you left with me are very happy. They miss you though. I have kept them indoors since you left because they didn’t seem happy outside in the heat. Can’t wait to see how your new plants grow.

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