Apple Bananas

I went to Bible study last night with Kaala and Andrea. They are having a banana bonanza in their back yard right now. They had bananas spread all over their kitchen. When everybody from Bible study went home last night, they went home with bananas.

They grow apple-bananas. They are shorter than the cavendish bananas you get in the grocery store. They also have a different flavor. There is a tartness to them. And almost… apple-like tartness…

These are particularly big ones.

These are particularly big ones.

Gabi said I should be careful of the juice coming out of the cut stems. She said if it gets on something, it’ll make a “banana spot” that will never come out. I believe her. I’m being careful.

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2 Responses to Apple Bananas

  1. Lauren says:

    “Banana spot”? That’s new. Does that mean it will stain clothing or your counter? If it’s the latter, I am going to guess that Maui is pretty spotty.

    Those are adorable!

  2. Debbie Fettig says:

    Didn’t you just get some stain remover? Juggle those bananas man!!! You’re good to go!!!

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