My co-worker Maile and her husband Leif had my school staff over for dinner… at least, all the ones who could come. We’re off this week for “Fall Break”, and some people are traveling.

The fellowship was relaxing and delightful – lots of talking and laughing. The food was amazing. I particularly liked the steak that Leif cooked. It was “eat the fat” good, and I told him so. He was a little confused. I think the hadn’t heard that particular description of goodness before.

We ate in their back yard.  It was really nice outside.

We ate in their back yard. It was really nice outside.

After everyone else went home, I stayed a while. I played a board game with the family, and had some great conversation with Leif and Maile about the state of education today. I got home way later than usual, but didn’t even mind it.

Gus and Denis arrive at noon today, so my first day of Fall Break is going to be awesome!

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3 Responses to Togetherness

  1. Lauren says:

    Ahhh…. very, very nice indeed. I am glad that you work with such nice people.

    Hooray for the arrival of Denis and Gus! I hope they have a splendid time!

  2. Carol says:

    It warms my hear to continually see your posts about how openly the family in Maui has embraced and welcomed you. (We worried about you being away from your usual support system, you know.) God bless them all.

    And happy new home, Gus! Hope you guys (all three of you) have a great week together.

  3. Brad says:

    Denis and Gus have arrived. Gus is doing ok. Just a little shell shocked.

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