Lighting Drama

There is a light switch next to the front door of my apartment. Whenever I first enter, if it’s dark outside, I like to turn the light on right away. But the switch doesn’t control a light – it controls an outlet.

I have a great lamp that I brought with me from Baltimore, but no good place to put it in the living room. I decided to get a small accent light instead. I put it in the space between the couch and the wall. It provides light without being seen.

The effect is quite dramatic. The only problem is that it focuses all its drama on the air conditioner. It’s a little odd-looking. But it gives me enough light to see by. Mission accomplished.

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One Response to Lighting Drama

  1. Lauren says:

    At least your air conditioner looks like a happy guy. Look at that laugh!

    The texture on your walls is quite striking, too. Like a vertical landscape.

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