Accidental Art

I use sticky notes at school to keep track of things I need to do. Last year, I stuck them all around the edge of my laptop screen. This year‘s computer won’t let sticky notes stick to the screen, so I put them next to my computer on the desk.

Yesterday I looked down at my desk, and thought how artsy the sticky notes looked. I had to take a picture:

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2 Responses to Accidental Art

  1. Lauren says:

    It’s beautiful! Very Mondrian. (I hope that’s right.)

    I love the little peeks into your life. I’m sure it’s not a new cheer, but I just might yell, “Sewing Stuff!” to myself all day. 🙂

  2. Carol says:

    Is this how you flag new Hawaiian terms for yourself? [I wonder what capopus is. Guess I could go look that up now, couldn’t I?] It appears Paeloko is a blog…am I close? And at 1:20 you are to learn all about that baby…who is in parts now?!? [Is there something you’ve not been telling the rest of us, Brad?]

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