Black Friday Box

I went shopping yesterday. I like Black Friday. It’s sort of party-like. I did not go out super early, but I was on the road before 8am.

I mostly window-shopped. I did get some cat supplies though. I’ve been needing to replace Gus’ litter box. He’s been so messy! I wanted to make a home-made setup like I had in Baltimore. (I’d post a link, but I’m writing from my phone and it’s too much work)

Anyway, the basic setup is two storage containers clipped together with a hole cut in it. My hole is jaggedy because I had the wrong kind of jigsaw blade.

I will get a new container and try a new cut.

I will get a new container and try a new cut.

Gus has accepted it, even though he was a little confused at first.

It’s very roomy inside.

It’s very roomy inside.

I had measured the space between the toilet and the vanity, but I forgot to account for the tank.



Hopefully this will keep the litter in the box and off the floor.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Nice! I like the jaggedy cut – it lends an element of danger to an ordinary experience. You could just use some duct tape to edge it if you want to save some money and time.

    I should post about my set-up upstairs now. I have the opening facing into one of the cabinets, and the litter-catching rug inside the cabinet. My guys were tracking litter everywhere, and I’d like to believe this is helping somewhat. Fun fact, I keep spelling ‘littler’ instead of litter and have to go back.

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