The trees at school got trimmed yesterday. I showed up to help carry branches into the rental dumpster. This was a big pruning. In the picture below, compare the tree on the left with the trees on the right.

It was interesting to watch the trees being trimmed, especially because the sawdust coming down looked like snow.

Russell took lots of pictures. He knows about Bradaptation, so he sent me some for posting:

After we were done, we had a delicious meal from Jeanette, then I came home and rested. It was more exercise than I’ve had in a while. Whew!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Hmmm…. cloudy and ‘snowy’… you had a real December day! That was well-planned. 🙂

    The trees look great! You were right about the big pruning. I was looking at the ‘trimmed’ tree and wondering what you were talking about. (I thought it was a baby tree.)

    What is in that little shed? Can I live there?

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