To the Vet

On Saturday night, Gus had some sort of itchy breakout. The itchiness seems to have stopped, but some of the places he scratched are raised and swollen now.

I was concerned, so I took him to the vet. The doctor didn’t know what caused the original breakout. I wish he would have guessed. I’d like to have some idea. Was it a centipede bite?

What he did say was that he thought the raised lumps were a bacterial infection. He gave Gus an injection of antibiotics, and gave me a liquid steroid to give Gus twice a day.

The steroids are for his itching. I watched him when we got home, and didn’t see him scratch once. I decided not to start the steroids yet. It’s a two week course. I’d hate to commit to all that medicine if it’s not necessary.

The biggest lump is on his neck.

The biggest lump is on his neck.

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2 Responses to To the Vet

  1. Lauren says:

    Poor little guy. I just want to wrap him in fluffy bandaids.

    He’ll be alright, though. You did the right thing by taking him in!

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