Drip Drying

When I was staying with David and Barbara, I saw a drying rack thingy in their bathroom that was great for hanging a swimsuit on. It hooked over the tub door, and hung over the tub so that swimsuit water would just drip away down the drain. So useful!

Since I have guests coming, I thought it might be nice to have a drying rack like that myself. I went searching on Amazon, and found just the thing. Nice!

I need to clean the glass of my shower doors.

I need to clean the glass of my shower doors.

The only thing David and Barbara had that I don’t have is some plastic clothespin thingies that were clipped on the rack. They made it easy to just pinch something on. I may or may not look for those. This drying rack is actually pretty big. It would be easy to just hang something directly on it.

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  1. Lauren says:

    That is super cool! What a good idea for a place so close to the beach! I’m sure the apartment management appreciates not having swimsuits hung out on balconies, huh?

    I have been obsessing over the idea of the beautiful drying racks that suspend from the ceiling: https://www.clotheslines.com/victorian-ceiling-clothes-airer . That radiator in the bathroom is just wasting the heat that rises from it. I could be drying my clothes like the cool peasants do!

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