Rummage Spinach

Oops! I didn’t write my post last night.

I had a nice day yesterday. I came in to help with the band’s rummage sale at school, but wasn’t really needed, so I worked in my room until it was over. Then I helped with the take-down.

By the time I got to the rummage sale, the things I would have bought were gone. That’s ok though. Less stuff in my apartment is good.

I couldn’t resist buying some plants though. There was something called “longevity spinach” for sale. The internet says it grows well here. I got both cuttings.

I will put them in a bigger pot on lanai.

I will put them in a bigger pot on lanai.

I tasted one of the leaves. I really liked it. It was fresh and crunchy and a little spicy. Hopefully these will grow well for me and I’ll have something I can munch on when I’m out on the lanai.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Longevity spinach? As opposed to the strength spinach that Popeye ate? You better be careful with that stuff…..

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