Happy Valentines Day! Or should I say Happy Ash Wednesday? Wait… do people ever say “Happy Ash Wednesday”? Also – Happy Birthday to my nephew Daniel! Yay! Happy Birthday to Samith! Yay!

Earlier this week, I got together and chatted with the 8th and 6th homeroom teachers, and we decided not to have Valentine’s Day parties. But the kids will be bringing in treats and perhaps regular old valentines.

I was at the grocery store yesterday and decided I would get valentines for my homeroom. They had Star Wars! Yay! They even come with pencils! Yay!

It was The Force Awakens, but still...

It was The Force Awakens, but still…

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  1. Lauren says:

    Yeah, Valentine’s parties are overrated. We do the closest thing to a party in my room: Valentine-themed centers and then a snack. The day is full of plenty of energy.

    Any funny line I can come up for those Valentines comes off as creepy. “This card will FORCE you to be mine!” “Be mine or I’ll shoot.” “It’s ok, Rey. I love you even if your parents left you on a desert planet to be a scavenger.” 😀

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