Carnation Curiosity

I have decided to just get cut flowers every Sunday when I go to the grocery store. It will just be a regular expense, like the electricity bill.

I was a little disappointed in this past week’s lilies. They were “Starfire” instead of “Stargazer”. since those were the only kind of lily available this week, I decided to go for carnations. I sniffed them all until I found the most fragrant bunch. They were white. White flowers are often the smelliest, because they don’t have color to attract pollinators and use fragrance instead.

When I was preparing the flowers for the vase I saw a curious label on the wrapper:

Handcrafted? That’s a weird word to put on flowers. I mean, certainly God put some great work into making flowers, but I’m not sure they were talking about God.

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2 Responses to Carnation Curiosity

  1. Lauren says:

    Maybe they’re talking about the bag. That is a fine, fine flower-wrapping bag. (Really, that logo is pretty cool!) 😉

  2. Debbie Fettig says:

    Good for you to get flowers regularlarly!! Wow, have never typed that word? I’m gonna leave it too. ha Flowers are awesome and yes, handcrafted by God so that’s funny on the label? They probably meant hand cutted. LOL Another word I’m leaving.

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