Slow Sloppiness

Well, it hasn’t been quite two weeks since my mom and aunt left, and my apartment is already sliding into chaos. It’s weird how fast it happens. I just put a little mail on the table in my living room, and suddenly it’s covered with stuff.

Maybe if I take a little off each night it will just as quickly return to a clean surface again.

Ha! It’s funny I said that… I probably won’t clean it off again until this summer.

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4 Responses to Slow Sloppiness

  1. Lauren says:

    No judgement here. I seem to always be surrounded by various amounts of clutter. It brings me peace – like a nest. 🙂

    That Stanley bag is awesome. Does it have tools inside?

    • Brad says:

      Yes! That’s a basic tool kit I got at Lowe’s. I got it for my classroom, but I’ve used it more at home. I should get another one for school.

  2. Elaine Royuk says:

    Just concentrate on the beauty of the flowers.

  3. Debbie Fettig says:

    Yes, I noticed the flowers! That voids all clutter! La! I know, our counter corner catches everything and it seems to stay there for days….weeks. I neatly move everything closer and closer to the edge and make new organized piles until we can “relocate” the junk….I mean, mail, filing, empty box?, receipts, keys, hand sanitizer, bb gun for the mean stray cat, sunglasses……

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