Movie and Medicine

Happy Pi Day!

We took the seventh and eighth graders to see “A Wrinkle in Time” yesterday. They behaved very well. I was worried they would talk during the movie. There was only one outburst of noise when Calvin and Meg did NOT kiss at the end. The girls were hoping they would.

I won’t say too much about the movie so I don’t give any spoilers. We had some really good discussion when we got back to the classroom though.

In other news, I got some cold medicine yesterday. I feel so much better now that the symptoms are not at full strength. Yay!

Generic DayQuil!  Yay!

Generic DayQuil! Yay!

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6 Responses to Movie and Medicine

  1. Lauren says:

    For a second I thought the caption on your photo said ‘Garlic’ and I thought, “Brilliant – it will keep away vampires, too!”

    I am glad to hear you liked the movie. I was excited about it until I read a review that said Charles Wallace was adopted in the film version and that made me mad. He and Meg had a special connection because they were both ‘sports’. Grrrr…. Anyway, I think I might see it now.

    • Lauren says:

      Whoops. I guess that was a spoiler.

    • Brad says:

      Just FYI, we had good discussion because they had changed so much of the story. The movie is interesting to watch from a sociological and political standpoint because there are so many of society’s current preoccupations represented, but the themes of the book are not present.

  2. Carol says:

    My understanding was that the movie adaptation was more “new age”-y than true to Madeline’s faith-based intent – did you think so as well?

    And glad to read you are feeling better. Long live (less expensive?) generic meds!

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