Pleasant and Tasty

After sleeping in (I’m still not adjusted to this time zone), I worked in the garden a little. It was so pleasant. I miss gardening.

In the evening, I met my friend Chetarra for dinner. She’s going to visit Maui over the summer while I’m gone. She’ll stay at my place and babysit Gus. Yay!

We ate at a restaurant that served crab pretzels. I almost forgot to eat one of those while I was here. How could I have forgotten that? Yikes!

Mmm... so savory and delicious...

Mmm… so savory and delicious…

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2 Responses to Pleasant and Tasty

  1. Lauren says:

    Ahhhh… food, friends and gardening. You just keep having such nice days. 🙂

    So, do the crabs make the pretzels? Very well done, considering their lack of fingers.

    • Carol says:

      You silly girl – crabs have ten potential “fingers”, and they are multi talented crustaceans. Of COURSE they make the pretzels!

      …and I have some swamp land in Florida in which you may be interested later.

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