Hyacinth Smell

After church last night, I came straight home. As I was coming up the stairs outside, I smelled the hyacinth I bought. The fragrance was so powerful! I was surprised, because the window wasn’t open. How could that little flower have such a powerful smell?

Then I noticed it: clusters of flowers from the plant that grows next to the steps. These were the flowers that smelled like hyacinths. And wow, did they have a powerful scent. It was amazing!

It’s some kind of dracaena. In Baltimore, I had one of these as a houseplant, and it bloomed. It had the same wonderful fragrance.

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  1. Lauren says:

    They look kind of little. (Maybe I have the scale wrong.) How cool that such a little thing can make all that fragrance, and that you are around to appreciate it!

    Hey, on the stinky end, Deborah had someone loan her a corpse flower for her classroom that bloomed. She said the flower spike grew super-fast and stunk.

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