Wet Work

I spent yesterday in my classroom. I got lots of planning done, but the most exciting thing I did was work on the big aquarium in my room.

I would have set it up at the beginning of the year, but the filling and emptying hose wouldn’t connect to the sink faucet. I tried all different kinds of adapters, but nothing was working. I finally just got a new faucet – one that had a standard-size aerator so the hose would connect. Success!

Putting that container under the water helped reduce the splashing.

Putting that container under the water helped reduce the splashing.

The reason I wanted the hose to be connected before filling the tank was because someone told me there was a leak in the tank, and I wanted to be able to drain it fast in case that was true.

It was true.

I got the tank mostly filled before I realized some tape I put on the tank was keeping the leak from leaking. The water pressure eventually pushed the tape off, and the leaking began. I drained the tank and will have to patch it another day. Maybe by the end of the school year I’ll finally have the aquarium set up.

There were two big leaks.  I'll re-do the whole seam though.

There were two big leaks. I’ll re-do the whole seam though.

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2 Responses to Wet Work

  1. Lauren says:

    Good grief! This story had some highs and lows. Sorry about the leak, but – you replaced a whole faucet?? Holy cow. That is remarkable! So, the hose is for filling and also draining? How very clever.

    The table your tank is on is like an industrial counter, yes? That’s so cool.

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