Tuberose Trial

I’ve started getting cut flowers every week for my apartment. I especially look for fragrant selections. I’ve tried carnations, which smell great close-up, but are hard to smell from across the room. I’ve settled on oriental lilies, which have a strong fragrance.

But the last time I was at the grocery store, I saw something I hadn’t noticed before: they sell tuberose flower stems! This is the flower that makes the delicious smelling lei(s) I like so much. I got one.

The scent is not as strong as when you’re wearing the flowers around your neck, but it is still deliciously fragrant. I can smell their sweetness right when I come in my door, and when I sit on the couch. I’m going to call this trial a success

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  1. Lauren says:

    I like this – flower reviews that tells their names, shows the blossoms and details the scent level. I would never think to buy flowers based on their smells, but when someone gave me a lily last week, I realized that lilies do not smell great.

    Do you pronounce it tuber-ose or tube-rose?(Or tu-bero-seĀ“)

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