Forgotten Food

I’ve talked before about how kids in the lower grades always bring treats for their own birthdays, and always bring enough to pass out to all the teachers.

When I get the treats, the students who are in my room always ask if they can have the treat. I always say ‘no’ because that would seem to go against the spirit of the gift. And because I often want to eat the food myself.

The safe place for my treats is one of my desk drawers. My students here don’t go into my desk drawers. On Monday, I got some “dirt” pudding, which is a favorite of mine. I put it in my drawer to keep it safe… and forgot about it. Dang it!

It even came with a worm.

It even came with a worm.

Some treats I will eat a couple of days after receiving them. Pudding I’m not so comfortable with. I’m afraid this dirt pudding had to be disposed of.

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  1. Lauren says:

    I initially registered your first line as ‘kids with lower grades always bring treats…’ and I thought you had initiated some sort of bribery system to get those grades up. That is not a bad idea. “You are just three cheesecakes away from a B, Jimmy.”

    Sorry about your dirt cup, actually crawling with stuff. 🙁

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