Facilitated Folding

Back when I got my guest beds, I was a little worried about how tall the one was. But it seemed to be okay when my mom and aunt visited.

And now I have discovered something great – it is an excellent height for folding laundry. Instead of bending over my regular bed and feeling my back get tired, I can stand straight up and fold in comfort.

Gus likes to help fold laundry.

Gus likes to help fold laundry.

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2 Responses to Facilitated Folding

  1. Lauren says:

    Serendipity! How nice to have a folding table that you can also sleep on! That bed was meant to be yours. 🙂 My only questions is: How can you fold laundry without a television?

    Gus, I just want to wrap you up in that towel and cuddle you!


  2. Lloyd says:

    For some reason that picture makes the bed look very narrow. Like if I moved more than two inches to one side, or your house hit rough seas, I would be on the floor.

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