Bradosaurus Rex

Recently, I have developed a strong affinity for rex begonias. These are the kind of houseplant begonias that have fancy leaves. I’ve looked everywhere for them here on Maui, but haven’t found them. I wanted some so bad I got some by mail order. They were small, but healthy. And they are taking a LONG time to get any bigger.

Yesterday I stopped at Home Depot to wander the garden department, and what did I see? Rex begonias! Cool!

There are two varieties - a pointy leaf one, and a swirly leaf one.

There are two varieties – a pointy leaf one, and a swirly leaf one.

I didn’t end up buying them, because even though I love rex begonias right now, I have limited space on my lanai, so I’m being a little picky about which varieties I buy.

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4 Responses to Bradosaurus Rex

  1. Lauren says:

    Your title is killer.

    I envision you making some awesome tiered thing on your deck so you have plants that extend about 10 feet past your railing and up into the sky. Something so incredible they definitely call the authorities over to check it out. 😉

  2. Lauren's mom says:

    I am that way about double knock out roses. I couldn’t find them here, so I ordered eight online at $8.99 each. They are in 4-inch pots! Oh, well, we will see……..

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