Perfect Pork

I have been eating bacon a lot lately. I open a pack, but half of it in a sandwich bag in the freezer, and cook the other half.

I like to microwave it because it’s faster and it takes less of my attention. I put the bacon slices on a bed of paper towels, then put more paper towels on top. The only problem is that the bacon sometimes comes out under done. It’s squishy and rubbery. Yuck.

But last night, by some magical alignment of the planets, my bacon cooked perfectly. It was crisp and delicious! Mmm… I made sure to enjoy it, because I’m not sure when this will happen again. Maybe I should look into one of those microwave bacon cooker things…

Gus does not like people food... even bacon.

Gus does not like people food… even bacon.

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  1. Lauren says:

    That looks exactly right. Mmmmm….. sunny bacon….

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