Classroom Exterminator

At the bottom of the bookshelf behind my desk, there is a pile of what looks like dirt. On closer inspection, I see that it is a bunch of dead bugs. On further closer inspection, I see that they are all underneath a spiderweb. I can’t see the spider, but I didn’t poke around to look at it. This spider is doing me a great service by eating what looks like a bunch of ants and roly-polies.

I just checked the internet to see how to spell the plural of roly-poly, and saw THIS. They sell roly-poly farms, just like they do ant farms! I would never have guessed!

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2 Responses to Classroom Exterminator

  1. Lauren says:

    Aw, thanks spider. Now can you please do something about those centipedes?

  2. Carol says:

    Now I’ve seen everything: Amazon will charge you nearly $25 to send you a kit to grow more stuff-you-want-to-keep-out-of-your-house critters.

    …and we wonder why Jeff Bezos is so wealthy…

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