Not-So-Small Small

Yesterday as I was leaving school, I thought that I should walk on the beach for some exercise. The problem was that I was hungry. If I would have gone home and made something to eat, I would have sat on the couch, and it would all be over.

I decided I’d stop at a fast food place to get dinner. Maybe a chicken sandwich, because that’s healthier than a burger, right? I ordered a chicken sandwich and a small Coke. The “small” Coke was as big as my head!

I asked the person in the drive through window if there was a smaller size – for next time. She said “value size” is smaller. So noted. I ended up wasting half the Coke they gave me.

When I got home, the clouds broke and it was sunny. I was too lazy to put on sunscreen, so I just stayed inside.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Ha! That reminds me of a clip from Parks and Rec: (I forgot how to make a cool link. Also, sorry about the long commercial at the start.)

  2. Carol says:

    This brought to mind a Jerry Seinfeld stand-up routine about how movie theater popcorn came in regular, large, and trash can size.

    BTW – Happy Lei Day! (This popped up on a page I had been reading…morning of May 1st or something…sounded Hawaiian enough for government work.)

    • Brad says:

      Yes! May Day is a big deal in Hawaii. It’s a day to celebrate Hawaiian culture. Our school is delaying our celebration until Friday, when we will not have any classes, but instead sing and dance and play ukuleles for each other and for our parents. Yay!

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