Moving Stuff Around

My lanai has gotten cluttered. Mostly it’s because I can’t seem to stop buying plants. But also, I have a lot of furniture out there.

I wanted to get the plants up high to catch the sunlight, so I bought some storage shelving to put plants on, but it is made of plastic, so it sagged under the weight of the heavy pots.

The other big piece of furniture is a big table. I bought it from craigslist, thinking I’d use it to put my TV on. I didn’t end up using it, and couldn’t find another spot for it in my apartment, so it went to the lanai. And took up a ton of space.

I was going to buy sturdier shelving, and get rid of the table and old shelves, but I came up with a better idea: I would get a tarp, cover the table to protect it, and put plants on it.

I forgot to take a proper “before” picture, but I did take an “in progress” picture:

The plastic shelves were in the corner.

The plastic shelves were in the corner.

The “after” lanai looks like it has much more usable space. I still need to find homes for a couple of the plants. They were impulse buys that I’ve had second thoughts about, and now I want to be rid of them.

I don't like how the table tarp is bunched up, but at least it's protecting the table from water.

I don’t like how the table tarp is bunched up, but at least it’s protecting the table from water.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Excellent rearranging, sir! I like the gathering of pots in the corner, plus you saved yourself some cash. (When I was reading, I thought you were going to cut up the table and make shelves.)

    I’m going to need the dimensions of your lanai for some intensive daydreaming, please. 😀

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