A Gift Box

My co-worker Andrea gave me some Carnation Breakfast Essentials powder. She had gotten a big box of it thinking she would drink it, but she hasn’t, and now that she’s moving into a new house, she’s cleaning out stuff she isn’t using. I drink Carnation regularly, so I’ll take all the powder I can get.

It does taste a little different than my regular powder though. It reminds me of a protein powder Denis gave me a sample of that was made of bones. So when I drink this Carnation, I think of bones. The expiration date is January 2018. Surely three months doesn’t make a difference, does it?

I’ll just keep drinking it. This will help my grocery bill. Carnation is expensive.

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2 Responses to A Gift Box

  1. Lauren says:

    We need to get you a sponsorship. Carnation should be paying you to drink their product!

    Andrea rocks! šŸ˜€

  2. Carol says:

    “…I’ll take all the powder I can get.” Ha. You do know how that sounds, right?

    What the fudge type of edible powder is made from whose bone, and boy howdy would I avoid that at all costs?! Creepy…

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