Crunchy Chocolate

Last night, I wanted some ice cream with crunchy chocolate. I have seen lots of commercials lately for some ice cream that’s layered in the container – ice cream, crunchy chocolate, caramel… repeat.

I decided to get some. It was good. The ice cream was also chocolate, so it was very rich. And the crunchy chocolate was an excellent accompaniment to the ice cream.

I dug down to get to the crunchy chocolate.

I dug down to get to the crunchy chocolate.

It wasn’t enough crunch for me though. Anticipating this, I had also gotten some Klondike Bars. Mmm… so much crunchy chocolate…

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  1. Lauren says:

    Mmmmmm…… Heath Klondike bars are like kryptonite!! That contain looks pretty good, though. You make such good recommendations. 🙂

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