Conclusive Evidence

When Gus had skin problems, I got some prescription food. After giving him some medicine, his skin problems went away, but I had all this special food left over, so I have been mixing it with his regular food.

Yesterday, I decided to stop mixing the prescription food in. That way, when I’m gone, it’ll just be regular food and no need for mixing.

In the evening Gus was scratching a lot. I don’t like him to scratch until he bleeds, so I went over to interrupt him. Then I saw the spots. He had the little red spots on him again.

I think I’ve confirmed it – it was his food all along. The partial mixture I’ve been using must’ve been just enough prescription food to keep the bumps away. I’ll need to go to the vet to get some more prescription food now. I’m not happy to have a special-needs cat, but I am happy to know what was causing the itchy bumps.

I gave him a bath to soothe his itching, then re-mixed his food.

I heat a towel in the dryer to wrap him in after a bath.

I heat a towel in the dryer to wrap him in after a bath.

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4 Responses to Conclusive Evidence

  1. Lauren says:

    Oh, those eyes…… Gus, you are a heartbreaker.

    I’m glad you have the solution to the problem, but I’m sorry it’s going to be a hit in the wallet. Gus thanks you, I’m sure. 🙂

  2. Carol says:

    Dr. Brad, have you a quick and inexpensive fix for cat ears that seem to be all chewed up [by flies?] every spring? We have learned that a $200 vet investment plus a steroid shot can take care of this, but we were hoping with your quick scientific mind you might suggest a more holistic/less expensive approach to this? (It doesn’t seem to bother the cat himself; he doesn’t scratch. It is a visual petting deterrent for resident humans at this point.)

    Thank you, doctor – send us your bill. Oh, and glad Gus’ skin can now remain silky smooth and bump-free.

  3. Beth says: carries prescription foods…usually cheaper, and it can be set up to auto shop right to you. I LOVE that I don’t have to remember to buy catfood, and it’s actually cheaper than I pay at Wal-Mart.
    Maybe check it out and see if you can get Gus’ food?

  4. Diane Wilson says:

    I went to and was happy to find my cat food $10.00 a bag cheaper! I was so excited! I filled out the form to have it shipped to me and found this message…”We only ship within the contiguous United States at this time.” I was bummed! is a great deal, but they don’t ship to Hawaii. Ugh! Living in paradise certainly has a price!

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