Christmas in June

I got a craving for what my family calls Christmas cookies, so I decided to make some. But somehow I didn’t pack my rolling pin or my cookie cutters. It was surprisingly hard to find those. I got the rolling pin from Target, and the cookie cutters from Macy’s (thank you, Martha Stewart). They were summer themed shapes.

I was talking with my coworker Chloe at school on Friday, and asked if she and her fiance and family wanted to come over to help me frost the cookies. She said yes. Yay! It’s so much more fun to frost cookies with other people! I baked them on Friday and got everything ready for frosting on Saturday.

The kids were funny. They are um… three? and five? (shoot, I should know that). It was so fun to watch them work. And of course their cookie creations were awesome.

I used a sheet to catch the spare frosting and sprinkles. it was a work of art by the end of our work time.

Because I usually only make these at Christmas time, I had to do at least one Christmas design. I turned a star into a Santa.

And now comes the part that is the most fun: eating them!

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2 Responses to Christmas in June

  1. Lauren says:

    Yay! Christmas in June sounds like it could be a new tradition ’round your parts! Do families make Christmas cookies at actual Christmastime? Do they frost pineapples slices instead? There is so much I don’t know about Hawaii….

    Your Santa is inspired, by the way.

  2. Carol says:

    Playing holiday tunes in the background would round all of this off, would it not? I think it would make me feel cooler, too, which starting today (86 degrees today and mid-90’s predicted for a few days now) would be quite welcome out here. Enjoy this non-traditional summer holiday. (If there can be an Unbirthday, why not an UnChristmas?)

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