Tropical Tour

I have been trying to do some touristy things this summer. People spend a lot of time and effort to get here. I want to do some of the things they do when they get here.

Yesterday I went to the Maui Tropical Plantation. I’ve actually been there a lot because they have a fish pond and I love feeding the fish and ducks. But they also have a little trolley car thing that drives around the property and goes past various food crops while a narrator talks about them. I’d never done that… until yesterday.

There were multiple cars all connected together.

There were multiple cars all connected together.

I did learn a few things about native food crops. Mostly it was just fun to be among the tourists and to hear them talking about what they were seeing. Everything looked so foreign to them, and they were so excited. It was delightful.

This is a pineapple field.

This is a pineapple field.

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2 Responses to Tropical Tour

  1. Lauren says:

    How cool that you are getting the entire Maui Experience – from all sides! You see the shiny face for tourists and also know the behind-the-scene stuff that goes on in real life.

    Once I was in Lincoln and overheard some people talk about how ‘quaint’ Seward is. That hurt a little bit. ‘Quaint’?

  2. Carol says:

    This will make you an even better tour guide for the next set of visitors you entertain, eh? Nicely done, sir.

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