Nothing and a Lot

Yesterday was mostly a day of relaxation. Lauren seemed to get some household chores done. I did a little work on the computer, but didn’t do much otherwise.

In the evening, we went to happy hour at a place here in Seward. I ordered a Manhattan. It was delicious!

It was sweet.

It was sweet.

We also had some food. It was a loaf of crusty bread that was cut criss-cross and filled with cheese and jalapenos. I normally don’t like jalapenos, but this was so good!



After happy hour, we went to the brewery in town. After that, we went to Harold and Beth’s. I started falling asleep, so we went back to Lloyd and Lauren’s.

I think all that evening activity more than made up for not doing anything during the day. I will pronounce it a productive day.

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2 Responses to Nothing and a Lot

  1. Lauren says:

    Mmmmmm…. bread.

    That was a fancy drink you had. I was surprised that it was that delicious.

  2. Debbie Fettig says:

    Yummy bread to go with your “poison” drink. LOL

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