Branched Oak, and Other Trees

Yesterday Lloyd and Lauren and I made an excursion to Branched Oak Lake. It’s a lake between Seward and Lincoln.

Most of the shoreline is kind of rocky or muddy, and is devoid of people:

It's big.

It’s big.

On one of the sandy shores, Lauren made a sandcastle.

She also saved a beetle from drowning.

She also saved a beetle from drowning.

There is a beach there, and it had lots of people on it. We walked on it for a short while.

The sand was kind of crunchy.

The sand was kind of crunchy.

We went to the marina and walked on the docks a little. Next to the parking area, I saw two trees that excited me: a cottonwood and a mulberry.

I was excited to see the cottonwood because it had seed pods still on it. I have always wondered where the “cotton” that floats through the air comes from. It’s these:

Mystery solved.

Mystery solved.

I was excited to see the mulberry tree because I love mulberries. They don’t grow in Maui, so I wouldn’t ever see them there. This tree didn’t really have any ripe berries on it, but I ate some of the almost-ripe ones.

The ripe ones are dark.

The ripe ones are dark.

We continued on to Lincoln and made a Sam’s Club stop, the went back to Seward.

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3 Responses to Branched Oak, and Other Trees

  1. Lauren says:

    That is so kind of you to call my sand lump a ‘castle’. 🙂 I’m sorry we didn’t get in and actual hike, but you can blame the heat, humidity, lack of actual walking paths and weird smells.

  2. Carol says:

    Your might not be such a fan of the mulberry if the ripened berries falling from the branches stained your backyard deck and shortened your sitting’-and-readin’ season until they were all done plopping. Next spring we’ll try to remember to lay a 12′ square layer of plastic across the deck to catch the berries (for eatin’?) and prevent more purple splooches on the deck. (Apparently “splooches” is not a word? You get the idea, though, right?)

  3. Debbie Fettig says:

    We have seen SO many blackberry bushes full of red berries lately but none are ready???? How do the bears know to wait til they turn dark?

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