Different Kinds of Flights

I’m back in Maui! Yay!

My travels yesterday were… ok. The flight from Lincoln to Denver was a breeze. Very short, and very uneventful.

I had a long layover in Denver. I mostly dozed, but I also walked around a little.

I was there so early, my gate wasn't set. It was good to see I was at the right place.

I was there so early, my gate wasn’t set. It was good to see I was at the right place.

The flight from Denver to Maui… I didn’t like that so much. On takeoff, our airplane seemed to be staying on the ground longer than usual. I was afraid we were going to run out of pavement. When we finally took off, the plane was shaky. It ascended a little then leveled off at what seemed to me like only a hundred feet off the ground. Then the plane DESCENDED! Ack! I started breathing heavily and sweating. All the while, the plane was jolting and bumping.

I had grasped the seat in front of me. The guy in the seat next to me noticed, and started talking to me in a calm voice and joking to lighten the mood. He was a good egg.

The flight over the ocean experienced intermittent turbulence. It’s usually a smooth flight, so it was disturbing. Landing on Maui was pretty choppy, but that’s normal, so I didn’t sweat as much as I did on takeoff.

Needless to say, I was happy to be on solid ground. I forced myself to stay awake until it was dark, then fell asleep quickly.

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2 Responses to Different Kinds of Flights

  1. Lauren says:

    Yes! I looked at your flight tracker and wondered about that little bit. What a long, harrowing day. I am grateful for the good egg next to you. Thank you, God, for getting Brad home safely!

    • Carol says:

      What she said.

      …and why you are less likely to have a Frey visitor any time soon.

      –fellow white-knuckle flyer

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