Christmas in July

Yesterday was mostly a lay around day. There was a Harry Potter marathon on TV, and I watched a lot of it. I also made candy.

Our family has a recipe called “Christmas Candy”. It’s a dipped candy that is kind of a coconut creme. It’s a little involved, but not too hard to make. My biggest challenge was that my dipping chocolate started to sieze up. I still got everything covered, but they aren’t too pretty.

Anyway, it’ll be fun to have these when my mom and Harold and Beth and family arrive today. They all know and like this stuff. Good thing, too. I have a LOT of it.

It’s best to keep it in the freezer so the chocolate doesn't melt.

It’s best to keep it in the freezer so the chocolate doesn’t melt.

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2 Responses to Christmas in July

  1. Lauren says:

    Holy moly, that is a lot of candy! That is wonderfully thoughtful of you to make for them, and they look pretty great to me. I’d gobble them up if they weren’t filled with coconut. ?

  2. Debbie Fettig says:

    Wow, good for you Mr. Candy maker!! What a great treat for your guests!

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