Hiking Day

We went on a hiking day today. My mom stayed at home because she’s gotten a cold. Ugh. I feel so bad for her. But she’s feeling a little better now.

I took the rest to a trail I’d been on with my pastor. It’s a vigorous, but not too challenging trail. Lots of walking over rocks and boulders.

And some bamboo.

We went down two of the three branches of the stream. The first branch ends in a cool-looking pool, but the waterfall into it is kind of hard to see.

The second branch we took led to a big waterfall. It made the walking and hiking worth it. So beautiful.

The rest of the day and evening, we just hung out at home. We’ve been keeping a pretty brisk pace, and it was nice to slow down a little. After all, it IS summer vacation.

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  1. Lauren says:

    The bamboo forest! The gorgeous waterfall! The Superman backpack! Woo-hoo!

    The summer cold? Boooo. I hope your mom feels much, much better today. <3

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