Laid Back Day

Yesterday was Saturday. That meant the swap meet was happening in Kahului. It’s a fun thing to do, so I suggested we go. It was a great morning for it. It was overcast and there was often a cool breeze. But by the time we left it was getting warm.

We stopped for lunch and a little shopping, then headed home.

In the evening, we went out for dinner at a place that makes good fish n’ chips. It was a pleasant evening. Except the pie place was out of sugar cookies. I really wanted one, dang it.

I didn’t take any pictures, so here’s a picture of Gus.

I will also post some pictures Beth took. She focused the camera differently for the same shot and got two completely different outcomes. It’s so interesting.

Everyone begins their flight home tonight. Most flights leave Maui at night because of the time difference with the mainland.

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2 Responses to Laid Back Day

  1. Lauren says:

    Ahhhh…. yet another day in paradise…. it sounds like you had a good one.

    …except for the sugar cookie thing. I will never forgive them.

  2. Carol says:

    Having scanned the last week’s entries today, it sure looks like you showed your family a great vacation week, Brad. Beth is no slouch with a camera, either! It is good to know you’ve not been abandoned on that island – that others do indeed come to visit once in a while (types she who would have to be anesthetized to make that plane ride). Thanks for sharing all the adventures – we can vicariously take our vacation with them this way (and save many coins…). God bless their trip home.

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