Buying Bread

I was looking for some bread at the grocery store, and decided maybe I’d get a loaf of brioche.

I always check bread for the expiration date and get the freshest I can find. I found one that said August 28. Beth’s birthday! Perfect. I put it in my shopping cart.

Then I saw the price:

Eighteen dollars for a loaf of bread? What is it made of, gold? In spite of my curiosity about what an eighteen-dollar loaf of bread tastes like, I put it back on the shelf and got a four-dollar loaf of sandwich bread

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3 Responses to Buying Bread

  1. Lauren says:

    Holy cats. Maui might just be the most expensive place in the world. That price is ridiculous! I say get a good brioche recipe and start making your millions.

  2. Samith says:

    Are you affected by the hurricane that is supposed to hit the big island? I know you are a couple of islands away, it’s just that they are not very big islands, so I wasn’t sure. Be safe.

    As for the bread, I would really be interested in trying $18 dollars, what does come to if you divide it up by the slice? Maybe it’s like the queens secret recipe.

    • Brad says:

      The hurricane will only affect the Big Island. Those poor folks… volcanoes and hurricanes…

      We might get some rain out of it, and maybe some bigger waves, but not much else.

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