Something Different

Nesquik strawberry milk used to be my favorite drink in the world. It was so delicious. It also had stomach-settling properties that verged on the magical.

But then something changed.

Now I think it is all but undrinkable. It tastes weird, and it has no soothing qualities at all. I only get it in extreme emergencies, when super-sweet or acidic soda would only make my acid stomach worse.

I have no idea what might have changed. I read the ingredients, but nothing seemed to pop out. But yuck.

Contains: milk

Contains: milk

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One Response to Something Different

  1. Lauren says:

    Dang it! That is maddening! I wonder what has changed.

    Your story reminds me: I havd a little girl who would take a sip of her milk and say that it tasted weird. Sometimes our milk tastes a little ‘corny’, and we have been known to have the occasional spoiled carton, but this was just happening so often. One day she said, “Milk is supposed to be pink. This isn’t pink. That’s so weird.” Ah-ha…….

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